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After spending x years as a keynote speaker and life coach, Shahnaz has gathered some of her favorite reads, along with an analysis of each book. Check out some of her favorites.

Episode 9 – Take Me Away

Hello.  This is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed with Living a Life Through Books. Today is a dreamy journey.  Or maybe not dreamy at all.  It’s about those great moments in a book that make...

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Episode 7 Part I – I’m Different Now

Hello again.  This is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed with living a life through books.  This is a two-part episode.  Here’s a bit of background.  When I started thinking seriously about this podcast and began...

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Thanksgiving 2018 Special

Hello everyone.  I’m Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed and Welcome to our special Thanksgiving episode of Living a Life through Books.  I assume you all survived my Halloween special and today’s episode is...

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Halloween Episode

Welcome to Halloween and my first seasonal episode. Here’s a bit of micro history.  I have had, since the beginning of September, enough episodes for publishing every other week all the way up to...

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Keep Up To Date

Episode 5 – The Re-read

Hello everyone.  Last time we spoke about half-finished books. This time, let’s go the other direction. What about a book you’ve finished and love so much, you want to read it again?  That has...

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Episode 4 – Unfinished

And it’s me again. Today let’s talk about finishing books. In my experiment, I only counted the books I had finished.  An unfinished book, was an unfinished book.  I did not think it would be fair...

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Episode 3 – We Are Who We Are

Hello and welcome again. Today, let’s talk about the mirror. OK, not the literal mirror, but the mirror that allows us to look within ourselves and try to discover who we are and what we really...

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