Shahnaz Blog

This is a blog about everything really. I love to write and love this forum where I can share my thoughts and not have to worry about being perfect. I do want to blog about my travels and just things I find interesting. Don’t be surprised if I go off on a philosophical rant. But hang on tight. This one is going to be fun. 🙂

How to cut a jackfruit

Dear friends, Here's a crazy video I decided to post.  Hope you all enjoy it.  It's just one of those wild things that I thought about sharing and said, "why not?" I could talk about the...

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Going around in circles

Everyday for years now, I have taken the same path to work.  It's timed to be about a fourteen to sixteen minute drive depending on the lights.  I don't know why I settled on this path...

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All over the place

Dear readers, first off, I want to thank you for being there and putting up with my rambles.  For those of you who have been with me from the first day, I cannot tell you how much your support...

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Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is almost over and I've been musing about this post.  I want to write something, but what?  I thought, I could start with the definition of "mother", but then in reality, I...

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The Travel Conundrum

I've heard people say that I'm well travelled.  I disagree, but that's not the point of this post at all.  Or maybe it is.  Hear me out.  I enjoy traveling and getting to experience new cultures and...

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Influenza B changes your life perspective

I don't know where I got the flu from.  Before you ask me about the flu shot, let me just tell you that I did not do it.  This is not about a "serves you right" post.  I have never had the flu shot...

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Keep Up To Date

A few kind words can keep you going

I was between patients today when I checked my phone and my email.  There was one new email from my theythrowrocks account.  Usually, such emails are junk, but not this time.  It was...

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The Columbia Titanium Story

It's winter here in St. Louis and it's a cold one.  Temperatures have been dropping into the single digits and while I'm working, I see patients walk in all bundled up in their jackets.  I take an...

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The Empathy Story

Hello all.  This is my first time actually trying to post from YouTube directly into Blogger.  I hope this works!  This was a story I did in the Fall of 2017.  Just hadn't...

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