The Empathy Story

Hello all.  This is my first time actually trying to post from YouTube directly into Blogger.  I hope this works!  This was a story I did in the Fall of 2017.  Just hadn’t published it yet.

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It’s hard to introduce oneself. What do I say? I come from a varied background. Born in India, spent part of my childhood in Dubai and have been in the USA since I was 16. I consider myself a citizen of the world. And I’m more of a kumbaya type of person. Why can’t we all get along?

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I am still Muslim!

My heart is broken.  A whole city under attack.  What is going on?  Not to mention that I’m affected by this through reading the links

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I remember a line from the play Inherit the Wind.  I can’t quote exactly but it was basically something like this – It was you

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Flying in the past

Mom is leaving to India and her handbaggage weight restriction is 15 pounds.  Her empty hand baggage weighs 5 pounds.  So, technically, a person is

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