The original They Throw Rocks

OK, so let me try this out.  I’m going to link my story here.  I’m new to Wattpad, so I’m going to see how to link the story into my blog.

Happy reading.

Also, incidentally, I’ve been working on a novel.  Did I tell you guys that?  Well, I have.  It’s called Color of Rain.  I will most likely be posting a chapter at a time there.  Why not?  I’ll just have to figure a way to post here also?  Or maybe just there.  I’m so new to this, but hopefully it’ll get me working on that novel from a million years ago!


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It’s hard to introduce oneself. What do I say? I come from a varied background. Born in India, spent part of my childhood in Dubai and have been in the USA since I was 16. I consider myself a citizen of the world. And I’m more of a kumbaya type of person. Why can’t we all get along?

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