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Engaging Storytelling

Dr. Ahmed’s dynamic speaking style and compelling storytelling captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact long after the event.

Expertise & Experience

With a background in pediatric dentistry, literature, and hailing from a multicultural background, Dr. Ahmed brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her speaking engagements.

Empower & Inspire

Whether addressing large audiences or intimate gatherings, Dr. Ahmed’s presentations inspire, empower, and ignite positive change.

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Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed

Hello! I’m Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed. I’m an author, life coach/mentor, podcaster, blogger, traveler, and speaker. I graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1999 and continued my GPR and pediatric dentistry residency at Indiana University also. In late 2003, I moved to St. Louis to be closer to home. Through my years of practice, I have worn several hats. I have owned a practice, that I sold in 2022, to semi-retire. I currently see patients in Cherokee, IA. Also on the professional front, I was the editor for the dental publication of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society. 

In my journey towards authentic living and happiness, I married my love of words, books, and microphones; creating a blog and a podcast, Living A Life Through Books. Working on a novel has been a challenge. I am in the process of querying to get an agent and move my writing career forward. Last year in 2023, my short story They Throw Rocks was published in An Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove Anthology. 

In November of 2022, I was a finalist in Dentistry’s Got Talent. It was there that I truly began to appreciate the need in the dental world for re-inventing one’s self and finding ultimate joy. I would love to share my insights with you through my own journey of learning and massive reading.

Why Choose Dr. Shahnaz

Diverse Background

Dr. Ahmed’s multicultural upbringing and professional expertise offer a holistic approach to coaching, tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

Personal Empowerment

Through her own journey of resilience and self-discovery, Dr. Ahmed understands the transformative power of reclaiming one’s voice and identity. Her coaching style is centered on empowering individuals to embrace their authenticity and unlock their full potential.

Cultural Sensitivity

As a divorced Indian Muslim woman, Dr. Ahmed advocates for inclusivity and solidarity with marginalized voices. Her coaching philosophy embraces diversity, fostering a safe and supportive space for individuals from all backgrounds.

Proven Results

Dr. Ahmed’s coaching methods are grounded in evidence-based practices and real-world experience. Whether you’re navigating life transitions, seeking personal growth, or pursuing professional goals, she is dedicated to helping you achieve lasting transformation.

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What people say about Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed:


“Dr. Ahmed is an excellent educator and speaker. She is full of energy and can capture anyone’s attention. Her stories are helping me become a better clinician and person.”

Dr. Nelson Chang
General Dentist TX

“I had the privilege of watching Shanaz speak live and win the The finalist award at Dentistry’s Got Talent. Shanaz is a captivating speaker that keeps you holding on to every word. Amazing!“

Sherrine Washington
Dental Case Acceptance Trainer

“Dr. Ahmed has been wonderful. We connected over a social media platform and as soon as she realised certain message was best to be discussed over a call so she offered to get on a phone and I absolutely loved that. Since then we have had multiple conversations where she has helped redirect my thinking and see things differently. I’ll never forget a few things she told me:

  • Other people’s opinion of us is none of our business.
  • Forgive yourself first. We are all humans and it’s okay to make mistakes and we might make them again.
  • About journaling not only to zoom out a bit and look at things but also to dive within and find what our triggers are.
  • Dr. Ahmed is a great listener and a good motivator who can help someone who is afraid of taking the next step or getting pulled into the past.”
D. Jevtani

“I was incredibly fortunate to have Shahnaz’s coaching when my business was in need of clearer focus and redirection. Her methods of guidance provided me with much needed clarity on deeper sources of my decision making process. This enhanced my understanding of how I should best proceed forward with her recommendations. The action steps were never broad or unmeasurable. I was held to a high standard of maintaining progress towards making each step and she was supportive with outreach for accountability. Notable for me were the daily messages with encouraging words of wisdom to start my day. As a dental professional with a consulting business, I would highly recommend Shahnaz to colleagues looking to grow their business with a coach they can have confidence in receiving return on investment.”

Karese Laguerre
Myofunctional Therapist
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