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Join Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed as she begins her journey to publish her first book.

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Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed

I come from a multi-cultural background. Born in Madras (called Chennai now) and moved to Dubai when I was 10, I immigrated to the US at 16 with my family. I’m a pediatric dentist by profession and my writing passion lead me to get a minor in English during my pediatric dentistry residency. I’m currently working on agenting my first novel Torn By Charcoal. It started as a short story They Throw Rocks during my creative writing course at Indiana University. The short story was recently published in an Anthology: An Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove but has gone through a lot of revisions since.

Here’s a bit about the novel I’m working on getting agented:

A dark skinned Indian Muslim Woman’s dream of being an artist is hijacked by an arranged marriage to a divorcee from America.

I’m a divorced Indian Muslim woman who was fortunate to make it out of my marriage and carve a new life. My characters are really a reflection of myself, my own life experiences and learning from conversations with other women in my culture. I feel an urge to stand in solidarity with all the women who have gone through their own struggles, having their voices silenced.

Stay tuned to this page for more about my author journey.

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