My varied interests have led me to write different blogs covering many topics. Below is a list of all the blog posts I have written.

Musings In COVID Delirium

I have so much to write about.  So much to process.  Obviously, it's the same old story.  Life got in the way of this blog.  I looked at the posts and I see there's one post in...

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Revealing Darkness

Dear friends, For the past couple of days, I have been angry.  Perhaps that is not the best statement for today.  Why for the past couple of days?  Did the past several...

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Keep Up To Date

Crescent City Books, A Bookshop in NOLA

I would have added this to my “road trip” post, but this one is a combination of my wandering spirit and living a life through books.  So, I made a new post.  The thing is this.  Ever since I...

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Renaissance Festival

This is my 3rd time at this festival, and it’s just a fun outdoorsy thing to do. I walked around today in my costume that I cannot name or describe. Well, it’s basically, a knee-length vest made out...

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Board games, the next level.

My cousin in LA recently bought the game Ticket to Ride and then subsequently got introduced to Settlers of Catan.  When he bought Ticket to Ride, I asked him why he hadn’t...

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