Crescent City Books, A Bookshop in NOLA

by | Oct 6, 2019 | Wandering Spirit

I would have added this to my “road trip” post, but this one is a combination of my wandering spirit and living a life through books.  So, I made a new post.  The thing is this.  Ever since I started living a life through books, through my travels, I have found myself in bookstores.  I’ll be honest.  Sometimes, it’s just to take pictures.  It’s just to be there and experience it.  In NOLA, I wasn’t looking.  We were walking back to our hotel and a bookshop caught our eye, so we walked in.

The interesting thing about this bookshop is that it has some expensive collector item books.  And it has old editions of classics.  So, it’s not your average second-hand book store.  It has its own charm.  There has to be something said about a tree that grows in front of the bookstore that makes it difficult to photograph the full name.  I think for a while, I tried, and then I realized in my futility that there was elegance in an obtrusive tree, covering up the name.  How many bookstores could claim that?

A year later, I’m looking through my draft and finding this post. What do I do? Post? Or delete. I make the critical error of switching from classic editor to Gutenberg. It’s not that I can’t use Gutenberg, it’s just that the conversion leaves the post, well… messed up. And I think I lost some scripting. I know I would have written more than the measly two paragraphs above.

And I’m trying to recollect my thoughts of my visit to the store. What can I say? There was a cat. Ha ha! Seems like a thing with bookstores. I would notice that because of my fear of small animals. The cat, however, did not bother me so, I was fine in that regard.

I remember walking through the store and the neat part was quotes from books that were posted on the sides of the bookcases. How do I remember that? I don’t know. I think at that point, I was already podcasting? Or blogging? I can’t really recall. Maybe I saved the quotes to post for Facebook. I do need to go through my pictures.

I know this is a post about an eclectic bookstore in New Orleans, LA, but it’s also a post about procrastination. It’s a post about leaving memories strewn behind and picking up the pieces and trying to find something meaningful about it. I can’t tell you much more about the store. I loved the NASA space capsule there. What else?

Collector’s books

Oh! This might be interesting? Maybe? Some of the collector’s edition books were worth $10,000. I’ve known collector’s books to be valuable. 10 grand valuable. Hmmm. That’s a pretty penny there.

I still have much to be worked with on with site. For this post, I think I’ll close it here. I apologize, but in the future, I am getting this site more regular and hopefully a better script and a better look.


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