Modeling – HMS Victory – first step.

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

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Where do I begin?  To start off with, I got a gift from my husband for Christmas.  It’s a model set of the HMS Victory – over 2000 pieces.  I was so excited.  I’ve always wanted to do modeling and this was going to be a perfect project.  I’ve dabbled in it before with an HO scale train set and that was before I knew what I was doing and all.  Anyway, I bought myself a work table and set it all up and was ready to go.  My husband explained to me that the instructions were in French.   Yes, the language!  No, I do not speak or understand it!  The guy at the store had said that we could download the English instructions online.  Very funny indeed and Merry Christmas to you too!  No, an hour of searching for instructions, and all I came up with was a company that was out of business and the instructions that looked like the picture on the left.

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Yes, I felt a bit disheartened, but then I got on Google translate and slowly worked my way to step 1.  I’m also using an app called Word Lens and I have a start.  So, here’s step number one on the right.  Oh!  I could take a picture of what the finished ship is supposed to look like, but I thought I would try to blog while I modeled.  Perhaps my ship can grow with this blog and I’m hoping you guys encourage me through this process.

I’m supposed to take the ship and paint certain areas of deck 1 and 2.  As you’ll see in the pictures, I’ve painted them green.  It’s supposed to be light green but oh well, life goes on.

There were these windows that needed to get the ends of them painted and so here’s what this looks like.  It was not easy painting these windows, let me tell you.  I know they are not exact, but it’s as good as I can get it.  Steady hands come in handy, but it’s still hard.  This project is going to teach me a lot of patience and I’m learning when to stop and when to say, good enough is good enough.  I had one more picture, the one before I painted the windows.  I will try to post it at some point.

Oh, my next assignment involves loops.  Yes, loops.  I have to make loops out of string and run them through the small dots near the painted areas on levels 1 and 2.  I have to figure out the French exactly so I can follow the instructions accurately.  It involves cardboard and that’s all I know.  Still working it all out.  Hang in there with me and as I get closer to this project and get through steps, I’ll post.  You guys can tell me that I’m crazy, but this is my idea of a great time.  I’m loving it so far, French and all.

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