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by | Nov 28, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

I’m not addicted to Facebook and oh dear!  I’m starting with digressing.  Back to the topic.  A link was shared to my Facebook this morning.  It was a blog ad.  What’s a blog ad?  I don’t know.  It’s a term I created.  I guess for me it means, it’s an ad to invite people to blog on a particular blog site.  So, if I were to write a blog and put it on their site, then they get more blogs etc etc and you get the picture.  A blog ad!  But I’m intrigued by this ad.  I love the idea of it.  And this gives me the idea for more similar blogs to save humanity.  Sounds like my think tank idea but we’ll get to that one too.

This blog title is “Blog to Feed a Child”.  Tell us how you think we can eliminate classroom hunger.  Imagine what India would be like if no child goes hungry and an entire generation is educated!  Blog about it and make a difference with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

I think it’s a noble idea.  I wish I was smart enough to think of things.  My thoughts would involve having a kitchen at school and paying someone to cook for the children.  Of course, would involve funds and donations, but that would be a worthy cause.

However, there’s a flip side to this I feel.  Education.  What is education?  If you asked me when I was younger than 16, I would say education meant going to school and getting good grades.  Education meant memorizing useless facts and doing whatever it took to make an A (except cheating).  Which leads me to wonder.  Shouldn’t part of education involve educating children on what education is and what the purpose of it is?  I know I hated to go to school as a kid.  I didn’t see the need for it.  Now that I’m older and I view school as “education” and not a boring prison where you sit and listen to the teachers for hours, school seems very promising.  I guess in relation to the blog ad, I would think while hunger is a cause to solve, so is teaching.  Getting good teachers is crucial also.

I have digressed, kinda, but in all seriousness, that was part of the intended blog.  See, I was part of the American Dental Association Institute for Diversity in Leadership (IDL) and it’s a long title for a program that educates people on becoming leaders.  What are leaders made of?  Well, this blog is not about leadership.  Not even close.  I learned some stuff but that’s beside the point.  What we had to do with this program is come up with a project.  The aim was to “learn” how to be a leader.  How to start a project and go with it.  I have learned that most ideas at first are shot down.  People look at people with ideas as crazy and dangerous and you need to get past that and go the route to believing in yourself and finding the few who believe in you and will stand by you.

Anyways, so I had several project ideas and there are couple I’m still working on.  One idea is called “The think tank”.  I wanted to join a group of diverse individuals to get together to solve a problem.  Any problem.  Problems in school.  Problems in society.  Problems with the environment.  Because I believe everyone has something to offer, but not everyone has everything to offer.  If we pool our resources, we may come up with fascinating prospects.  I watched a Ted talk and heard a plumber come up with an idea for a heart vessel.  The cardiologists weren’t thrilled, but the point is that different people have different strengths.  On that note, I must add that children have the most vivid imaginations and craziest solutions.  Some of their ideas may be out there, but sometimes you may run into a kid who can think clearly and focus at the issue at hand and soon you may have a very matter of fact solution that others did not think about.

Anyways, I just think this hunger blog ad I saw was a wonderful idea.  It gets a ‘think tank’ going because anyone of any walk of life can blog there.  I hope more people start more blogs that are aimed at the betterment of society and a bridge between ignorance and knowledge and bridge towards love, peace and happiness.

It is officially the holiday season as Thanksgiving was yesterday.  So, I’ll wish you all a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season.


PS.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!  Life may seem boring but it’s worth it in the end. ;-)


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