Again! And Again! And Again!

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

I recently talked to a nephew about being persistent and consistent.  Easier said than done.  What does one do when their ADD kicks in?  They go from writing half a blog to something else and then something else and then they come back to write another quarter of a totally different blog and at the end of it all, a month goes by with drafts and nothing to show for.  How does one stay consistent with an energy level that has them bouncing off the walls?  Containment, I tell myself.  Focus!  What a challenge?  I never thought my ADD and energy level would be one of my biggest challenges in my life, but it is.
It all started with trying to diversify professionally.  What does that mean?  To make it as a speaker and a writer; to do something creative.  That’s a professional goal of mine.  My nephew was trying to convince me that I did not need to worry about readership.  He seemed to think that it will all eventually fall into place if I just kept consistent and plugged along.  Consistently posting about my travels.  Having videos or vlogging on a constant pace.  Obviously, to keep up with blogging on this site, regularly.
I like that he said it only takes one.  One?  One what?  Blog?  Video?  In reality, I do agree with him, but I also believe it’s a matter of luck and right place, right time.  There’s also the minor detail of talent.  No-one has a crystal ball to look into and tell when that “one” event is going to propel your alternative career, but there’s a looming reality at the back of my mind.  It may never happen.  Worse yet, what if I’m not good enough?
Can I let my own judgement and self talk pull me down?  If I do, then what will I be left with?  No blog or vlog to show for and can I live with myself if I did not make the effort?  Philosophy is not my strong suit and neither is consistency.  I can try until I deviate and hopefully come back to it again and maybe one day I’ll find my way home to this great adventure.  This phenomenal and mysterious alternative that my mid-life crisis is craving.
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