This was obviously written over a year ago and saved.  Let’s see where this post goes.  PS.  My car’s name is Buddy.

Dear Buddy, I was in Florida this weekend  and driving a VW.  The car was much younger and hotter.  Granted he didn’t talk to me, he had a quiet strength that slowly stole my heart.  I’m not looking to marry him but I realize that I am missing something in my life. You are wonderful but I’ve come to understand that there’s more out there.  I’m sorry. I wasn’t planning on cheating on you. In fact, I had picked a companion that made me miss you more.  However, that’s not how the chips fell. I was given a VW instead of an Altima and his touch made me feel whole again. I had contemplated being with you til death do us part, but dear friend, I apologize. Soon, in a couple of years we may have to part ways.

There is no greater blow than to be deserted by the one you love but I fear the blow may be worse. As much as I loved the VW this past weekend, I am looking for something else now. Something far more sensual. My next car will be a beautiful hot and sexy Xylene.  Sometimes, it is what it is.

I hope you understand. I will continue to be on your side for a couple of years but please don’t misunderstand my philandering. I’m being as honest and unhurtful as I can.

I still love you. You have brought me countless joys and we have had some amazing journeys together laughing and singing our way to destinations. You will always be my first love.

Hmmm.  I should write a today post.  After all, it is over a year later.

Dear Buddy, It’s me again.  I’m so over the VW.  I guess, I am still holding on to what we have.  But then you had to argue with me and pick a fight over my wandering eyes.  I tried to explain to you that, it’s just an iPhone 7.  How can you be jealous of him?  Sure, he’s new and enticing, but he’s a phone and you are a car.  Not playing fair with him has caused me to look again.  Hey, it’s your fault.  He was trying to play my podcast and he asked you for help, but did you help?  No.  You just kept turning your blue tooth on and off and on and off and on and off.  It’s not funny Buddy.  He was hurt and to be honest, so was I.  I asked him to play the podcast.  He didn’t just do it to bug you.

Well, yet again, you have pushed me to look.  My eyes have wandered through several car lots and several one-drive stands.  Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.  You knew what I was doing and you knew why.  Now, when they have officially release the younger, hotter, sexier female version of you, I think you know Xylene is just one car drive away.  Are you hoping I stay now?

You do know that your newer version has Apple car play.  That means Xylene could potentially be best friends with my iPhone and I don’t have to deal with the random fighting.  I see you have played my podcast yesterday for the whole ride, with no complaints.  Seriously Buddy.  The games must end.  I do love you.  You have been my friend through thick and thin, but I need to know that you are not going crazy on me and that you will not be jealous of any new friends.

I’ll be honest here.  I’m fighting with wanting to grow old with you, because it’s not completely your fault.  I get it.  I’m also fighting to move on.  Our relationship lacks trust and security that your newer version can offer.  Blind spot detection.  Adaptive cruise.  Come on Buddy.  Help me out here.  You have been my trusted steed.  I do love you, so help me God or you would have had new owners by now.  I’m holding on.  I’m trying.  Please hold on with me.  We have a very special kind of love.  I don’t want it to fade as yet.

If you are reading this, you probably know that I’m nuts, but that’s beside the point.  In my journey with Buddy, and through my writing letters to him, I have realized one important thing.  I would have given up my car a long time ago.  But Buddy is not just a car.  Note to self:  do not name your car.  It takes a personality all of its own.

Best wishes to you all,


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