Deleting days from your life

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

In today’s technological world, the delete button has become quite important.  I mean, as I’m typing this message, I’ll hit the delete button when I make a mistake and you all will not see my mistake.  At least, not the ones I try to diligently erase.  I, furthermore, will forget that I ever made the mistake.  How many times did I have to hit the delete for all of my blogs?  So many, I really can’t keep track.  And then there’s the wonderful “undo” button.  Especially when you highlight something and accidentally hit “delete”, you are scrambling to undo it.  I haven’t found the undo button on blogger but that’s a whole different story.

If I were to type this message without ever hitting delete, I must either be great at typing or this message will look like a hodge podge that may not make sense.  Delete buttons are great.  So, let’s imagine for a moment that we did not have a delete button to life.  Wait?  Is there a delete button to life?  Actually, there is.  But let’s assume there wasn’t.  Then what?  We would live and experience every moment.  Wow!  What a concept!

Where is this blog going?  Let me explain.  I haven’t read the book “The Power of Now” but I’ve heard of it.  Very powerful concept.  Basically it states that we do not have the past.  The past is gone.  We do not have a future.  It’s not granted to us for sure.  The only thing we have is the now.  The only thing I have is my now, the blog that I’m sitting here typing.  And back to the delete button of life;  if I were to sit here doing nothing but transporting my mind to the past or the future, I’m essentially deleting my present as I do it.  Clicking “delete”, “delete”, “delete” with ever memory of the past or future, there’s another click, “delete”.

How is this relevant you ask me?  You see, I’m planning this awesome trip to St. Lucia in a couple of days.  All inclusive resort with a butler suite.  Sounds amazing.  And honestly I was thinking about my trip this morning.  I was hoping it could be today.  I was hoping to skip the next couple of days just so I could get to my trip now.  But my trip is not real.  I don’t know if it will be.  I’ll have to see if God will grant me the luxury of my trip.  What I do have is the now.  So, I think about all the packing I have to do and the cleaning before my trip so I can come home to a nicer environment (if I make it back, God Willing).  And then I thought about life and how I wanted to delete my days.  I feel deleting days from one’s life is huge.  You put yourself on auto-pilot and not really accept or stay in the moment.  You lose opportunities to make laundry memorable.  And you end up deleting a day from your life by living in a nonexistent past or future.  And another and another, till that trip that you’ve been waiting for (if it ever gets there).

I feel everyday is a gift.  Every moment is a gift.  As is the present.  It is a present.  It allows you to live and explore what you are intended to.  Do we wish we can delete the sad days from our lives?  Sure.  I still have the haunting memory of my ex-husband being so drunk he couldn’t stand up, looking at me as though he didn’t know who I was.  I remember calling my best friend on the phone terrified.  I remember her asking me if I felt threatened.  Would I delete that day or that memory from my life?  Sure we all wish we could, but I think it’s life.  It would be horrible to delete any part of it.  The good or the bad.  We are meant to learn from it and experience it.

Today I got a call from Sandals resort about my butler preferences.  And I was transported to the memory of 2 days later.  The memory of an event that hasn’t taken place.  Everyone is calling me to leave today.  To leave tomorrow.  To skip into a vacation, a reality that is not real.  Not real, because it’s not my regular life and not real because it isn’t here yet.  I do not wish to delete today.  I do not wish to delete any day.  I don’t think you should too.

Best wishes always and I’ll try to post more blogs soon (when it gets here).  Signing off for now.


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