I’m still on vacation.  There’s something to be said about sitting here and doing absolutely nothing.  When I was younger, I might have considered it the worst thing ever.  And now, life is different.  When jobs can get stressful, the best thing I find is a chill, relaxing vacation.  It’s been 3 days since we came here and today I took a 3.5 hour long afternoon nap.  Part of me wonders if I’m wasting valuable vacation time.  But then again, I’m not.  This is what I came here for.  To do nothing and to refresh and relax myself.  There are no rules here.  If I want to go to the beach, I will.  If I want to stay in my room and look out at the beach, I can.  If I want to nap, I can.  That’s the beauty of this vacation.

This is my 3rd trip to a Sandals resort.  The first time was for our honeymoon.  It’s funny.  We went snorkeling, scuba diving, went on the glass bottom boat, paddle boarding, kayaking and we went on the hobie cat.  Second Sandals, was in Antigua.  We skipped the snorkeling, scuba and the glass bottom boat.  We woke up early for tennis lessons though.  Third trip to Sandals, here in St. Lucia.  What are we doing?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  We did go to the beach and went in the water once.  But haven’t been back.  It might be the temperature.  It’s just warmer and it makes me want to be lazy and take a nap in the shade.  Or maybe I’m finally growing up and realizing that I don’t have to go running about on vacation.  I’m realizing that if I don’t kayak or paddle board, I’ll still be OK and it’ll still be vacation.  Don’t get me wrong.  We may go kayaking tomorrow.  But that’s if we feel like it.  No rules.

I lied about the doing nothing part.  Yesterday we did go on a private tour of the island.  That was something.  We drove all the way south and even touched the pitons.  We went to the volcanoes and took a bath in the warm sulphur waters and then covered ourselves in mud for the mud bath.  OK, the mud just felt like pumice but my skin felt so smooth after the mud bath.  We hiked a bit and jumped into the cold pond under a waterfall.  Maybe it was being out all day from 9am to 6pm that had me tired.  I woke up late and was still tired in the afternoon today.  But I made up for it with my long nap and now I’m sitting here working on this blog.

Oh yes.  I wanted to mention something I found curious.  My husband and I were commenting about the lack of desi couples here at Sandals.  I don’t even recall any desi couples from Negril, Jamaica or from Antigua.  We were wondering why.  One theory is that desi’s tend to spend more money on their honeymoons and perhaps Sandals will equate to a Holiday Inn for them.  I explained to my husband that a desi couple would probably spend the over $1000/night at the Jade Mountain resort, if they came to St. Lucia.  Sandals did not seem like the ideal “desi” honeymoon as a desi honeymoon also needs to have the brag factor.  Sandals, while I consider it a good upper end resort, is not something I’m particularly sure about how the desis view.  But then this morning at breakfast we saw a young desi couple.  Perhaps on their honeymoon.  Who knows?  But my husband and I commented on it.  Wow!  The first desi couple we spotted.  How would they add to a ‘brag’ factor to Sandals in St. Lucia with Jade Mountain and the other resort (can’t remember it’s name) between the Pitons?  That’s not my concern, but I remember telling my husband that a desi couple in Sandals was blog worthy.

Tonight was our returning guests dinner.  As a member of the Sandals Select program they host a special dinner for just the Sandals Select guests and it’s nice.  They offered us a bottle of rum at the end of it which we declined again.  We don’t drink alcohol and I don’t believe in gifting alcohol either.  I don’t think it’s right.  I’m sure some people look at me funny for that, but that’s OK.  It’s just me and how I perceive things.

I was supposed to read and block the plays I am supposed to direct.  Well, I haven’t done that either.  I think I will start working on it tomorrow, while I sit out at my veranda, doing nothing yet again.

This is all for now.  Will post more nothings soon.



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