Gardening – Mid May to late mid June – late spring.

by | Jun 19, 2016 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

KIThis season has been rough. It’s gotten considerably hotter and I have been a horrible gardener and have not watered my garden once. I figured I’d let Mother Nature take care of them because after all, at the end of the day, if these plants were out in the wild, who would take care of them?

Here are the pictures from May 21st.

Blogger image 1663677315
Blogger image 1840603710
Blogger image 1166243645

These flowers above are the lilies. Beautiful and bright yellow. So far so good. Looks like they are even surviving the deer.  We’ll see.  That will come up later.  The plant below is the astilbe. The stalks will grow some more.  Will see how things progress!

Blogger image 160495916

The next set of posts are from May 30th. See the growth of the lilies and the astilbes. I did not take pictures of any other parts of the garden as this was the only location with flowers at this time.

Blogger image 2055429278
Blogger image 1962961252
Blogger image 1913598198
Blogger image 2115877254
Blogger image 156335600

After this we get into June 2nd. The beginning of the astilbe growth.  I think by now the deer got to my bright yellow lilies and they were all gone!  C’est la vie! So the next pictures are more astilbes!

Blogger image 100746433
Blogger image 196561357
Blogger image 1457628460
Blogger image 113518693

You can most certainly see the blooms here.  These came and went too soon. Maybe the lack of water got to them because when they turned beautiful and pink, I didn’t get much time to photograph them. It was almost a here today gone tomorrow. Note to self:  forget Mother Nature. Start watering the plants!!!

Anyway, next set of pictures are from June 13th.  I’ll start off with the astilbes because this is as good as it gets!

Blogger image 1673916749
Blogger image 1004831243

As you can see, they are not pink. They have lost their color and almost turned grey.  I wonder what water would do to them. Or perhaps, they just don’t last as well!

Here are more pictures from June 13th. I must say that I don’t know the name of the beautiful bright purple flowers. If you do, please comment and educate me.

Blogger image 1641930370
Blogger image 552480062
Blogger image 689302014

Here’s the rest of the driveway with stuff coming up!

Blogger image 957225393
Blogger image 33415658

The last two pictures, still from June 13th are by the mail box. Caluc lilies or some callow lilies or something like that.  Only a couple showed up!

Blogger image 1176572269
Blogger image 1721135197

That brings us to June 16th. I know I’ve been doing these posts monthly but every month I’ve been progressing on the teens.  I figured I’d stop today, the last of the teens for June.  Back to pictures from the 16th!

Blogger image 1119226946
Blogger image 1044620867
Blogger image 1614561902
Blogger image 774326650

Here’s what the lining of the driveway looks like on June 16th!

Blogger image 834176249
Blogger image 400386353
Blogger image 1294912918

Moving on to today – June 19th.  More of the purple flowers and different kinds of those lining the driveway. Shorter ones are closer to the street and the tall ones are near the home.  Here’s today’s pictures…

Blogger image 784066532
Blogger image 773310610
Blogger image 1462808711
Blogger image 1686737416

Here’s the right side.  Notice the start of the shorter version with pink flowers.  Hopefully I’ll have more pictures for next time.

Blogger image 1082992250
Blogger image 775590934
Blogger image 1566693933

This is the end of June 19th and end of Spring.  This was the late spring edition!  I don’t know what my garden will look like for the summer. Heck, I’m not confident for the fall either. My mums are burning up.  Perhaps I should water them!

My goal for the garden was to have color all the way from spring through fall.  Well, so far I have spring covered I feel.  Early summer will be the rest of the blooms of the shorter flowers.  Can’t say much more about the summer.  Perhaps, that’s where I need to focus next year – summer flowers.

For now, I’m checking out.  I feel taking notes from this point on is useless but then again, I need to know where my garden strengths and weaknesses are.

So, this is TTR.  Over and out!


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