I love flowers.  In trying my hand at gardening, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how much I love flowers, the deer love them more.  Of course, the good news is that the deer are moody.  There are times they eat my chrysanthemums and sometimes they don’t, but this is about the Iris.

This beautiful blue flower is a spring flower.  I used to not know my flowers (I still don’t completely), but I was introduced to the Iris when a friend of mine bought me a bunch  and told me that she loved this flower.  She was right.  It was beautiful and I loved the flower so much, I decided to plant them.  That’s when I realized that not all Irises were all blue/violet.  Some of them have combination white and blue petals with a beautiful vein striping on them.  The petals are just gorgeous on these flowers.  The flaminco dress was probably designed from this petal;  flow and frill.

As you’ll notice it is the fall season currently and I’m talking about an Iris; a spring flower.  Well, a lonely Iris showed up to brighten my life a little over a week ago.  It’s funny.  I’ve been running around these past few months and one thing after another has been going wrong – mostly in my office but it’s been a constant battle and a constant stress that I bring home.  For a moment, I thought I was cursed.  Honestly, I did.  It’s a very scary thought.  I thought that perhaps God was not happy with me.  Another scary thought!  While I entertained such thoughts, my friends tried to explain to me that it wasn’t true and then I would tell them of something new that had gone bad that day.  This went on and on.

Last week, as I was driving away, I noticed one lonely Iris bloom in my front yard;  the only flower there as the deer had eaten all my mums.  I can’t recall where I was driving to because my mind has been in a haze for the past few cursed months but I looked at the flower and said, “Hmm.  It’s a spring flower.  I didn’t know Irises bloomed in the fall!” and drove off.

This continued to happen and about the 3rd day, I realized I hadn’t had the time to even go out and appreciate the flower.  I made a mental note that I needed to do that when I got home.  Well, 2 more days passed and the flower was slowly getting old.  I remember telling my husband about it.  How life had just passed me by that I didn’t even have the time to walk outside my front door to look at a flower.

The next day, my husband and I walked out the front door to address some issue we had with the home (painting, cleaning) and I talked about cleaning out the weeds at some point.  My husband stopped me and said, “Look at your Iris! You keep mentioning that you haven’t had the time to even appreciate this flower and now you are out here.  Get a good look.”  I looked at this flower, all beautiful still, holding on to its last moments of grace.  It had been waiting for me every day for several days.  Everyday, it was holding the message.  “You life is not cursed and I’m proof of it”.  I was just too busy to even go out and get it.  Finally, I was able to appreciate the last bits of the weak crinkled petals, wet in the rain and too weak to hold on.  The color of its youth had faded, but it was still beautiful.

I have several Irises planted in my front yard.  None of them bloomed this fall.  Just this one flower.  The one flower that would defy exception to come into my life to tell me that there’s still beauty in this world and that I need to stop and take a look.

Best always,



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