I didn’t think I would write a blog post about Jello, but after today’s adventure, I think I should.  Let’s start with the basics.  I do not eat regular Jello as it contains gelatin.  I do not eat any pork products due to religious dictates and since most of the gelatin in Jello comes from pork, it’s off limits for me.  There are several off limit products, like marshmallows, but let’s focus on Jello for this blog.

My mom has a killer 7-layer Jello recipe.  It is to die for!  7 layers, so 7 flavors of Jello, poured one on top of each other.  And some of the layers are tweaked with evaporated milk.  The final product is just YUM.  Well,what would be the the most important ingredient in 7 layer Jello?  Yes!  Jello!  7 different flavors.  Black cherry, cherry, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, and strawberry!  No sweat, right?  Wrong!

I walk into store number one.  I looked through all the Jello and looked for the package with a K on it.  K for Kosher which means the gelatin is acceptable for me to eat.  They had all the flavors except none of it was Kosher.  So, no stress.  I walk into store number two.  What flavors do you think I found here?  All the flavors were there, but none with a K on it.  Again!  Store number three next.  At this point with the 100 degree weather outside, I wasn’t too amused at my results.  Of course, store number 3 didn’t have it either.  They said their other branch may have it.  I should have asked them to call.  My mistake.  And store number 4 did not have any also.

I must mention that at this point, my mom was also shopping for Jello.  We decided to stay in touch.  Whoever got the Jello first, would tell the other person and that would be it.  Mom went to the ethnic type store.  So, the first store that had foods from different countries, did not have Jello and mom called me from her 2nd store.  She said she found the last 3 flavors but would go to another ethnic store to look.  The 3rd ethnic store had some of the flavors but mom replaced a couple of the flavors with banana and mango.  Don’t know how that will go, but she bought what she could.

At this point I was already home.  Mom stopped by my home to drop off the Jello.  I looked inside the grocery bag and I looked at my mom.  “What is this?” I asked a bit surprised.  “It’s what they had.”  “But what IS it?  Is it made of gelatin?  Or how does this work?”  Mom said, “I don’t know.  This is all they had.  Try it.  If it works, great.  If not, don’t worry about the jello”

I’m sorry to end this blog without closure.  I had to come back to work shortly after that so I haven’t tried her brand out.  And also I don’t know how that brand will work with the Jello recipe, but we’ll just have to see, won’t we?

And before I go, I must say that the gentleman at Store number 4 that I visited was super nice.  He took the time to call another larger branch to ask if they had any Kosher Jello.  He told me that not only did they not have any Kosher Jello at the other branch, he also told me that Kosher Jello was a seasonal item.  Apparently it’s only available during Passover.  I don’t even know when Passover season is (as I’m not a Jew), but I found it interesting.  Reminded me of Medjool dates during Ramadhan.  Another seasonal item.

I will stop here.  I’m hoping to blog soon about my cake experiments.  Until then,


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