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by | Sep 8, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

Today after roaming around the property I realized how out of it I was when I got here.  I did not remember where they dropped us out to check in and I did not realize where some of the restaurants were.  My husband had to remind me.  He is way more oriented of the resort than I am, but that’s fine.

Last night after settling in, we just went out to dinner and came home and crashed.  I do not know what to expect from our butler.  I would have taken him up on unpacking my luggage, if he would have offered.  I didn’t feel well enough to ask him and besides I would not have asked him to help me unpack unless he offered.  Sherman did give us a cell phone to contact him for anything at anytime.  When I realized that they did not have an ice-cream station to get our own ice cream cones, I just called Sherman to bring ice-cream up to our room after dinner last night.  I was too tired to remember much else.

Back to today we just roamed around the property.  We could not really go every where as the property is so hilly.  We had our butler come and give us a tour.  That was fun.  He drove us in the golf cart up the hill and showed us one of the millionaire suites that was unoccupied.  OK.  Now I know why those suites are so expensive.  The view was just brilliant and they had their own private pool.  It was the setting of the pool that made it beautiful.  The view from the bedroom was stunning too.  2 walls of windows overlooking the sea, and the bay beyond.  I told Sherman that despite the room being amazing it would be hard to get around the resort with the hills and all.  Sherman said that the people in the room get transported everywhere in a golf cart.  They just call and are driven about the resort.  Must be nice.

For tonight we had to take the shuttle up to the Soy restaurant.  I miss not being able to just walk to the restaurants.  And Soy was very busy so we decided to go up to Armando’s for dinner.  I just called our butler and Gilbert came out to Soy with the golf cart and drove us up to Armando’s.  They were out of tiramisu today. :-(  But the other lemon pastry dessert I ordered was divine and I was glad they were out of tiramisu.

I feel our butlers and the people dealing with us think we are different.  For starters, I wanted lime/salt/soda.  Sherman just looked at me funny, smiled and went up to the bar to try to get me this “strange” drink.  He had trouble locating salt and a few minutes later he came up with salt for my lime/soda drink.  When I asked Gilbert for the same drink before dinner today, he gave me the same look and went out to try to make whatever drink I wanted.  Of course while we were doing dinner, my drink ran out and the waitress comes up and ask me what drink I had so she could get me more.  She said, “It looks really detailed”.  I smiled and said, “it’s not” and then I went on to explain how to make the drink.

Just when I thought I would be known for my drink, I’ve had several people ask me about using beer for my hair.  They keep asking me, “beer?  for hair?  what do you do?”  And so I explain about letting it get to room temperature and flattening it out for 4 hours before using it as conditioner.  My husband thinks we give them enough material to talk about.  Perhaps we do.

Today has been very relaxing.  Tomorrow is a private tour of the island.  Should be fun.  I hope I don’t get too sick or tired.  I am enjoying doing nothing though.

Will post more after my tour.

PS.  I know I promised pictures.  I will post them up in one of my next few blogs.  For now I have to head to bed.  Have to be up early to start our tour tomorrow.


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