More St. Lucia. Trying to tie it with pictures.

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

This is going to be my first time to try and experiment with pictures, please bear with me.  Some of this blog is from when we first got here and some from today, but let’s see how it goes.

First off, I was extremely tired when I got here, but not tired enough to stop me from taking pictures of our room.  There was no special occasion for our trip here, other than another vacation, but the butlers decorated our room for our first evening here.  So, here’s some pictures from that.


I think it’s so cute and a really nice touch.  This was the upstairs.  We do have a living room type area that was also decorated.


I just think it’s all these cute touches that makes things special around here.  Although the one big negative is the wifi here.  It’s super slow.  And so I apologize but I’m going to hold off on adding more pictures til I get home.

Today we had a private tour of the island.  And other things, but since I have those pictures put up, I will stick to the topic of decorating our room.  We got back to our room and while I was unwinding downstairs, I heard my husband go upstairs and say, “Oh my!  Oh my! You must see this.”  I asked from downstairs, “what’s going on?  Should I bring my camera?”  He said yes and so off I went with my camera.  And it was so cute.  I wish I had the patience to download that picture also, but these pictures literally take over a half hour to load and I’m quite tired.  I want to post this blog for now.  Perhaps I’ll just blog from here and when I get back to the US, I’ll post them with pictures.  Hope I’m not disappointing you all.

Will stay in touch,



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