A friend of mine introduced me to the Moth Radio hour, a podcast.  I was immediately hooked.  There was no going back.  For a first time podcast listener, these true stories were heart warming and funny and creative and charming.  I was opened to a world of humanity in quite a new way.  In every Moth podcast they ask, “Do you have a story to tell?  Pitch us your story on the moth.org or…”  Well, every time I heard that, I would think, I have a story.  I can do this.
I decided one night I would check out the website.  I had a 15 minute story, but they wanted a pitch in 2 mins.  How do I shrink a full story into 2 mins as a pitch?  They had rules.  Do not leave us in a cliffhanger.  It should be the whole story.  I realized that pitching a 2 min version of a longer story was not so easy.  I shut the computer and moved on.
This past weekend I was in Chicago.  On my drive there, I caught up on the Moth podcast and kept hearing their invitation for a pitch.  “We listen to all pitches”.  Do you?  I thought to myself.  I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this.  No.  I must do this.  When the “can” became a “must” I was filled with a purpose.  I must.  I decided that I would made a lateral move on this blog and make is a bit of a VLOG!  Mostly, I want to do stories or pitches or both.  Sure, I may come up with something different, but for now, I’m starting with the first story that I shrunk into a Moth Pitch.  In case you are wondering, if I have pitched this story or not.  Well,  I have.  I called it in.  Last night, I Facebook messaged The Moth.  I asked how one knows if they have received the story or not.  Today I got a response.  They have received mine.  Where will this go?  Maybe no where.  But for now, here’s my first Moth Pitch.  Enjoy.

Best to you all,


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