Moving up or down?

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

If you’ve been following my blog, you might remember my last post on having a tough week.  I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit and that didn’t help.  But then again, it did.  So, I went through the turmoil of trying to decide if I needed a new career, yes, that bad, and just going through my usual thoughts about life and people.

Today, I’m thinking about computers and my past.  Huh?  You read me right.  I think about a computer because sometimes we open too many windows and have plenty of applications running and it shows the system down and sometimes crashes it.  That’s how I felt.  My computer crashed.  Not literally my computer, but you understand.  My brain shut down.  What do you do when a computer crashes?  Well, again, if you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know I’m not totally computer savy, so what does TTR do?  I power down my computer and restart and most of the time it works beautifully.  Let’s just say, I powered down this weekend and just relaxed.

Yesterday, I felt alright.  I guess my systems take a long time.  I’ll digress here for a minute and go back to my college days.  I remember how stressed out I felt one weekend.  I had 3 papers due and a test on Monday and I was going crazy.  On Friday, one of the instructors suggested I take Saturday off completely and then work on my papers on Sunday.  WHAT?  ARE YOU CRAZY?  That’s what I wanted to ask him, but I asked him nicely.  “But didn’t you hear me?  I have 3 papers and an exam.  How am I supposed to finish all that if I took a day off?”  He said, “just trust me!”  I look back and think, that was the best suggestion I ever followed.  After the break, I was super energized that I finished all 3 papers in half the time it would have taken me and felt my brain was a sponge when I studied.  It was amazing.

I don’t know why I took the leap of faith so many years ago, but back to the present, it didn’t work a miracle for me.  I tried to take time off and get my mind off things and like I said, Monday was fine.  Then Tuesday, today hit me.  I woke up and was driving and suddenly my “Aah Ha!” moment got me.  I had a plan.  For my life and my career and it would be great.  I’m not necessarily moving up or down the ladder, but it’s a lateral move.  I can see it with clarity now.  TTR has a plan!

I guess the point of this blog is a reminder to all out there that our second wind is out there, somewhere.  We just have to keep the faith and wait.  As hard as it may seem.  Imagine how stressed out I must have been if I was ready to change my entire career!  Friends and a break gives one clarity.

I guess that’s it for this post.  All of you who actually spend time to read this blog.  Thank you.  I’m honored.  If not, no big deal.  I’m still here…

Best to all,


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