My first cooking video – making biryani.

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

For anyone who’s made biryani, you’ll know that it takes a while.  My video only takes 2:30 approximately.  Well, I was inspired by those Tasty videos that I keep watching on Facebook.  They make everything look so easy.  I take that back.  The inspiration came from my nephew.  Something about a food video contest in India?  He was getting a lot of people asking him to submit the biryani video and he thought 90 secs to make biryani was impossible.  My video is longer than 90 seconds, but I’m sure, he can trim it down to the magic number.
As I talked to him, I got excited for the challenge.  I told him that I would make a video and send it to him and he could get some ideas from it.  I was supposed to have it done by yesterday, so being a day late, I didn’t want to look for the right music in the background and so I hit the mute and posted.  Don’t worry, it’s sorta subtitled.  Sorta because there’s some instruction here and there.
The question is:  do you like the video?  And do you want to see more?  It does take work.  A lot of work to shoot and edit, but the finished product, feels good.  Not perfect but it’s a start.  Here’s the video.

Hope you enjoy it.  Let me know if the link works or not.  Thanks and best to you all.



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