My trip to Machu Picchu, Peru in May 2011. Getting there.

by | Oct 19, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

Dear friends, 
As I’d mentioned earlier, I am trying to consolidate all my blogs from other sites.  Well, in May of 2011, I took a trip to Peru.


The goal really was Machu Picchu, but of course, I got to see more of Peru also.  And so glad I did.  The company I travelled with is called Adventure Life and during my travels, I kept a journal.  After I returned, Adventure Life was having a contest for their travelers; if we posted about our travels on their website they would pick the best one and the prize would be a weeks trip.  So I transcribed my journal into electronic print on their site.  Well, I did not win anything.  But I have a recorded priceless memory of my trip there – in electronic formal :-).  Now that I have this blog, I thought, hmmm.  I should transfer my stories over.  So, here we are.  It’s all a direct quote from the original from 2011 (with a few edits).
Have fun,

At St. Louis airport, in flight. Bags checked to Lima at my request. The gal at the counter asked to check to Cusco, but decided against it as I needed my luggage at Lima. Next stop-Miami!

In flight to Miami was interesting. Sat next to an older woman. Can’t make sure if she was just pessimistic about life or just careful. She told me about deaths related to travel disease. Also told me that Tuberculosis may be on the rise again! GREAT! All this because I told her I was carrying 2 bottles of water in my checked luggage.  If this trip took place today, the conversation for sure would have been EBOLA!
On a side note, I should have used the pens from my office. This pen is supposed to be new, but the pink one ran out of ink – oh well. So here I am in Miami and I’m supposed to meet up with Salman and no sign of him for 2 hours. No texts/call. Finally I hear from him. His text that he is in Orlando! Great. His flight got diverted by the storm and Obama was there. Myself on the other hand sat and worked on my play. I want to name it Picture Perfect but it’s far from They Throw Rocks. I’m journaling on vacation and I’m writing about my play! Hmmm. Maybe I’m ‘part’ writer. Who knows? Nothing notable to journal about hanging at Miami airport. I guess I’m looking to journal tonight from Lima!

So, flight landed and I don’t know what was announced as I don’t understand Spanish, but everyone applauded. That was interesting. The woman at immigration was very nice. I liked the ‘Welcome to Peru’ and hotel was literally across the street. Someone offered this ‘senorita’ a taxi as I was walking, but the word caught my attention. Never been called senorita before!

I knew I forgot something. Getting out of security you press a button and the lights go red or green. Purely random. Red your bags get X-rayed. My luck the X ray line was long also, but oh well. I can’t wait to start my adventure today. :)


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