My nieces live in Oklahoma and the joke when I drive by Oklahoma is this:  I would start off with, “Oh my God, look there!”  My nieces would say, “Where?  What?”  I reply with, “There!  Look, there are people here!”  “Ha ha,” my niece would retort.

Yup!  I didn’t think Oklahoma had much.  When I used to go to Oklahoma they didn’t have a professional ball team.  Not that I care about sports, but come on!  Oklahoma finally got its basketball team thanks to mother nature.  It’s quite sad how it all happened.  When Katrina hit, they scrounged and got to pick up some of the pieces from the New Orleans team and didn’t want to return it.  That’s how the Thunder were born!  Or something like that.  I do tend to down Oklahoma.

I think the only thing really unique about the state is its red clay.  I always considered Oklahoma a wannabe state.  When I grow up, I wanna have an airport!  Ha ha.  OK.  There I go dissing Oklahoma again, but you get the drift about wannabees.   Oklahoma is still developing.  Yes, they have come a long way with restaurants and stuff, but they have a long way to go.  Of course, people don’t like St. Louis, but that’s a whole different story.

I was at the Muny this past year.  Last show; the musical Oklahoma!  How is it possible that my nieces haven’t defended my affronts on Oklahoma with simply, “We have an entire musical about us!”  Well, it’s not about Oklahoma, but it is set in Oklahoma and it was the first truly modern musical so that does amount to something.  Yes, we have Meet me in St. Louis, but I’m just trying to give Oklahoma something here.  The truth is that this post is really about the musical; I don’t have much more to say about the city.

The musical was very beautiful.  There’s a reason a musical from the 40s could stand the test of time and be charming in 2015!  Oh!  What a beautiful mooor-ning! :-)  The music still rings in my ears and the dance from the cowboys and farmers should be friends number was just old fashioned fun.  I smile as I fall in love with Oklahoma.  Oooook-lahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.  Maybe I don’t love the city as much, but the musical surely has me taking notice.  I already told you guys it was a Muny production and so you can imagine how well it was done.  So, there you go Oklahoma.  You may not have much, but you have a musical and that’s big in my books.

While reading up on the history of the musical, I was impressed by Oklahoma‘s run.  What show fared better than Oklahoma?  What was the next best musical?  1956, My Fair Lady, my favorite musical stood up and made people notice.  I bring this up because this a musical that is near and dear to my heart.  I love this musical.  I get goosebumps hearing the songs.  I get a big smile on my face, like I’m a kid offered a giant piece of Cadburys.

I was lucky to watch My Fair Lady at the Muny this year.  I was jumping up and down when the Muny had released their 2015 season.  Yes.  I was going to finally watch My Fair Lady live.  It was their opener.  This year was going to be perfect.  I usually get tickets for Thursday night.  My birthday was on Wednesday.  I switched my ticket to Wednesday and have been talking about it since.  Trouble started in paradise as we had rains in St. Louis.  4 of the performances were cancelled.  I cannot imagine how I would have felt if it would have rained on my parade on my birthday for my favorite show.  Rain was in the forecast, but it was supposed to stop at 7pm (show starts at 8:15pm) and the rain was supposed to restart at midnight (Show ends at 10:30pm).  Was it luck?  Was it fate?  Don’t know.  It most certainly was a memory that I will not forget.

 Whenever you love something, you want to share it.  A couple years ago, I tried to get my niece to watch My Fair Lady.  This past summer she admitted to me that she wasn’t impressed at all.  I think about when I fell in love with the musical.  It was when I was much older.  Strange enough, I didn’t appreciate the love story.  How could I not?  I don’t know.  Maybe it was just a matter of time.  Maybe I needed to grow up some more.  Who knows?  So, for now, I’m waiting for the day my niece will call me and say, “OMG aunty.  I finally get it.  My Fair Lady is awesome!”  In the meanwhile, I’m just curious if she would like Oklahoma; or perhaps it’s better to stop recommending musicals.

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