Where do I start?  First off, yes, I went to the One Direction concert last night.  My point of view is going to be very different because I am an adult and I could care less for this group or any other at this point in my life.  So, If you are a One Direction fan, perhaps you should stop reading now.

Concert was supposed to start at 7pm.  So much for that.  It started late, at 7:15ish.  Also, their opening act cancelled.  Something about having an award ceremony on Monday and not being able to make it from LA in 2 days.  Lame excuse if you ask me.  It’s called an airplane.  It was invented a while back.  They could have made it, if they tried.  But that’s another story.

Replacement opening act was a singer who did a few numbers for half an hour and then we were left with screaming fans waiting for their beloved group 1D to arrive.  Yes, the fans call One Direction, 1D.  Sounds like an apartment to me, but whatever floats their boat, I suppose.  Anyways, back to the concert, the opening act left around 7:45pm and then we waited and waited and waited.  I figured if the first act cancelled the decent thing to do, would be to start the concert sooner.  But no.  Apparently 1D was supposed to come at 8:30pm but they didn’t do that either.  They just played blaring music and kept everyone waiting.  At one point they played songs from Grease.  It was funny.  They played the Friends song and the kids (12 years olds) I went with just stared into space not knowing the song.  That’s when I realized how old I really was.  But the music just went on and on.

Yes, 1D finally made it at 9:10pm or so.  I thought it was very disrespectful to waste the time of the fans.  Of course, the fans were too excited and dizzy to care, but what about the parents.  The parents mostly pay for the tickets and bring the fans to the location so that was a giant fail in my opinion.

OK.  As far as the concert goes after 1D made it on stage, everything was great.  They had some great fireworks, streamers coordinated to their music and the light board was a good visual experience.  Even the stage and the walkway to the front of the stage was unique.  Reminded me of a guitar because the walkway to the front stage could have been the strings on a guitar and the actual front stage could have been the end where you tune the instrument.  They had laser lights.  And of course, the fans provided the lights with multi-color glow sticks and also at one point using their cell phones, made the audience look like a field of stars.  Don’t ask me about their music because I do not particularly care for the music of today.  I feel the art has disappeared into a frenzy of money and screaming teens who can’t truly appreciate talent because of their hormonal dictates.  And not to mention the pretty boy faces. They did pick one lucky little girl to sing happy birthday to.  Her reaction was priceless.  She was in heaven.

As far as I was concerned, I did look at my watch as much as I could.  I wanted to go home.  The cell signals were jammed and trying to post on Facebook or even use my iPhone to text only drained my battery to zero by the end of the concert.  And I wish I could say that my experience ended there, but no.  Unfortunately the trip back home was eventful too.  Eventful, but not in a good way.

The Metrolink was extremely disappointing.  Extremely.  We only have 2 lines, a blue line that goes to Shrewsbury and a red line that goes to the airport.  Why would they close the blue line from the concert venue?  Which means we had to transfer to another train (the red line to blue line) at a different stop.  That would not be so bad if they didn’t make us wait for over a half hour at 12:30am after a loud concert that got delayed.  We waited and there were 3 red line trains that came by before our blue line train.  I don’t know whose fault it was but that was pathetic city planning especially after an event.  I guess I should be grateful that the trains were still running after midnight, but it’s a small consolation for being so disorganized.

A few years ago, I heard an expression.  If you feel like everyone around you is losing their mind then you know you have lost your mind.  Well, after the concert yesterday, I don’t know what to say about it.  “Sitting” there amongst a whole bunch of standing screaming teenagers, being the exception to the rule, I knew I was not crazy.  The world has gone crazy.  Or maybe it always has been this way.  I just woke up and got exposed to it.  Time to go back under a rock and hibernate.  Call me when One Direction is no longer a thing and sooo totally a thing of a past.  Like seriously!!!  Yes, that’s my attempt at mocking the teens of today.

I can’t blog anymore for now.  Massive “one directional” splitting headache!



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