So, as you all know, I live under a rock.  It’s pretty pathetic really that I get my news from Facebook.  Any famous celebrity death – Facebook.  Terrorism – Facebook.  Politics – Facebook.  Seems like the feed is quite current so it is something.  It’s not perfect, but I’ll take it to nothing.
A few days ago, the feeds of Pokemon Go started.  At first I thought it was something negative but I wasn’t sure.  As the feeds increased and I couldn’t make out what was going on, I decided to ask someone in my office.  Then I found out that a few people were robbed while they were trying to capture Pokemons.  “For real?” was my question.  First off, it’s quite sad about the robbery.  Secondly, it’s quite sad that people are losing their minds over this game and trying to capture Pokemons.  I had declared that the young people had officially lost it and future generations would have to pay for this millennial generation that’s only interested in their phones and the games.
Then, I heard a different point of view.  Apparently businesses were using it and luring Pokemon and in turn customers and the ROI (Return on Investment) was crazy high.  Owning my business, I had to think outside the box and try out something that I had declared was the end of civilization as we knew it.  In the beginning, I was asking to use my assistant’s phone to see what this game was all about.  My assistant was like, “Dr. TTR, just download the app on your phone and then you can see what it’s all about.”  I refused.  She finally showed me the app.  Meanwhile, I was asking family/friends about everything Pokemon.  Should my office lure these creatures?  Would it really increase foot traffic?
Then my cousin told me that it was important that I start playing right away and also that my office girls should too.  So, I’ve been playing and it’s kinda addictive.  I’m at Costco and I just pull my app out for the heck of it and I’m catching Pokemon there!  I caught one!  My iPhone battery is pretty much no use these days.  Will last me 5 minutes on a full charge if I’m using it.  So, when the second Pokemon showed up, I was at 29%.  Before I could throw the ball at him, my phone died.  Oh well…  It’s strange, but I find myself on my phone a lot.  Has a Pokemon showed up yet?  There may be no hope for me.  We’ll see.  This coming from a woman who swore to not play and to not get addicted.  They do say, never say never.
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