Have you ever gotten bad news?  Or unsettling news that makes your heart stop for a couple of beats and when it restarts, there’s a slight pain and nausea there.  You try to grapple with your new reality.  Your new loss.  Your life as you know it will never be the same.  Yes, the title of this is “shallow” grief because when I opened my browser to teavana.com and searched for my favorite flavor of apple lemon pomegranate, the search pulled empty.  I didn’t stock up on this flavor.  I have a few more brews of it and then it’s permanently deleted from my tea stock.  Permanently.
I found out that Starbucks was going to close down the Teavana stores by next April.  I figured I had time to purchase and stock.  My husband and I bought a pound of our favorite flavor – Earl Grey Creme.  That was top of our list of teas.  We haven’t been able to find that flavor or even close, anywhere.  A year ago, a patient’s mom introduced me to Capital Teas.  I was super excited.  Furthermore, Capital Teas had a whole host of Earl Grey variations, including Creme Earl Grey.  No comparison.  We just figured we would use up the teas we got from Capital teas and then move on back to Teavana.  After the heart breaking news of the Teavana stores shutting down, my husband and I had a plan – every month or a couple of times a month, we would go and buy a pound of a particular flavor.
We already got our Earl Grey Creme.  I have a list.  Apple Lemon Pomegranate was on the list.  It hasn’t been available at the stores for a few years now.  When I found out last night that they may be shutting down the online store, I decided to make my second 1lb purchase the Apple Lemon Pomegranate and I did a search and it pulled blank.  I tried to look for all teas with apple in them.  Not even close.  Nothing with apple and lemon.  Forget the pomegranate!  A search under the term “pomegranate” pulls up a blank search area.  It doesn’t even tell you that they couldn’t find the product and would you like to search again.  It’s blank.
So, I have to come to grips with not being able to purchase more of one of my favorite flavors.  It’s done!  I know I’ll always remember the taste, but I also know that I have a 2-3 more brews left.  With every brew and every sip, I will savor it for I know it’ll be gone.  In some strange way, it feels like life.  We take our lives, friends, and family for granted, instead of cherishing every moment with them and creating the warmest memories.  One day, they will not be anymore, just like my favorite fruity Teavana flavor.  I know, this is just tea and I may sound shallow, but for all of you who have come home and played games with me and enjoyed the tea, you will understand.  It’s all part of a memory that will slowly fade.

Best to you all,


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