The ‘famous’ syndrome.

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

So, what exactly is a syndrome?  I have no idea!  Completely clueless here, but I think it goes something like this.  Well, it’s really a story of syndromic thoughts, but stick with me.  We’ll figure this out together.
So, a few blogs ago, I wrote a blog post about being a Muslim and suddenly, my blog was getting a lot of hits.  A lot.  Well, for me, it was a lot.  I was excited.  I was thrilled.  I was on cloud nine.  I was going crazy.  My brain was racing at 347 mph.  I don’t know how I measured that, but bear with me.  I went to the moon and back and then I thought.  Wow.  I have this amazing blog post.  Wow!  I going to be famous.  I’m going to be invited on TV.  People are going to ask me about being a Muslim and about life in the US.  Who cares if it’s really boring?  I’ll make it interesting.  I’ll make it fun.  I’ll make up this story about how hard it is to be a Muslim and how I overcame all of it and yes, my brain was quite fried.
And then I think about this blog and fame.  Will people turn into loyal readers?  And soon, will they start sharing this blog and as I keep racing in my mind back and forth, I come up with another idea for another blog.  Oh boy was I like a raging fire then?  I was ready to go out and purchase a new site and start a new blog.  I was going to be famous.  I thought about being on TV yet again.  People were going to want to interview me.  This is a great idea and “STOP”.  I had to hit the brakes hard on my mind.  I couldn’t just let my mind go out of control on a thought.  I needed to do research and really plan things out.  And so, I started.  I think it was October 6th, that I tried to contact my first lead.  Fail.  She was too busy to even talk to me.  October 7th, tried again.  She gave me a phone number to call another contact.  I haven’t called them yet.  The embers glow but the wild forest fire is well under control.
So, am I going to be famous?  I don’t know.  I like to be optimistic.  I suffer from the “famous” syndrome and maybe one day all my blogs are going to be read and studied so someone can understand the workings of TTR.  But for today, I realize yet again the famous adage, “there is no short cut to success.”  If I want to be famous, if I want to make it big, I have to put in that big effort and focus.  I have to follow my leads and pursue my dreams.  I may never make it, but the journey would have, for sure, been worth it.
So, with that said, I hope you all have dreams worth pursuing and I hope you go at them with gusto.
Here’s to spicing up our lives and making the impossible come true.  Here’s to us!



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