I love to travel and I love to travel in style.  I especially enjoy the perks.  If I can get lounge access or something more, it’s a little lift me up.  I’m even willing to pay more for that.  OK, I cannot afford business class or first class but if I were offered a free upgrade I would take it.  I would enjoy the perks of better food and larger chairs and ability to sleep.  I know recently some airlines were offering upgraded business class fares for half their normal cost.  Hmmm.  Would that be more affordable?  It’s pushing my financial limits, but maybe.  I’ll think about it.
What does all this have to do with a Muslim Class and what the heck is a Muslim Class?  Well, here’s the thing.  I’m doing research on a trip and there are 3 classes on the boat.  Standard, an upgraded class and a platinum class.  The platinum class is nice and I might even be able to afford it, but then I’m left with the perks and wonder if I really need it?  Upgraded drink service.  Minor detail, but I don’t drink alcohol.  A wine gift basket on check in.  Woo Hoo.  Again.  In case you didn’t get the memo – no alcohol for me.  I got to looking at the other perks.  They are nice.  A la Carte breakfast and dinner with the captain (this is a specialty cruise).  Of the several perks offered extra on the platinum class, I only wanted half of them.  Obviously, alcohol limits some of the perks and I thought to myself that I needed a “Muslim Class” – an upgraded class that upgrades some elements but not others.
I will tell you that the more I travel I think about the need for such a class because a lot of places (resorts and cruises) offer as gifts and upgrades the magical words “free alcohol”.  For me, those words hold no power.  In fact, they make my mind go into overtime and wonder if there are other perks that will make an upgrade worthwhile.  So, if you are in the commercial business with hotels/airlines/cruises and the like, you may consider a special class.  Maybe not call it the Muslim class, because someone will surely get offended.  Maybe just call it the “no alcohol, everything else” perk.  Or I don’t know.  Just ask your marketing team.  And when you do, give me a call and sign me up!

Best to you all,


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