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by | Dec 10, 2017 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

One would think that in today’s connected world of the internet, all information should be readily available.  What if one is planning a specific vacation?  For eg, let’s take my vacation to Alaska this past year.  I had been to Alaska before but I wanted to do Alaska on a small boat.  Well, I searched small boat Alaska and came up with a few companies online.  On continuing the search, I ended up on a post that had the best small boat cruises to Alaska.  It had a list of several companies.  I don’t think there was any other information other than the names of the companies.  There was a comment on that post that included more companies and I added those companies to my list and after all that I was able to begin my search.  I called/looked up online each company and asked for maximum passengers and cost and itinerary and finally I was able to narrow it all down.  I was actually going to write a full blog about it, the companies and the reason for my final choice.  I felt the amount of time I spent could benefit someone else but as time went on, I got busy (story of my life) and somehow I felt that my blog would not be relevant any longer and I threw away my Alaska notes.  Then we get to today.  I search another travel journey and I wish there was a broken down blog about all elements of the journey.  What websites are travel agents?  What websites are official city websites?  Oh yes.  When I searched my Alaska cruise, there was a company that was a travel agent selling for one of the other boats on my list.  So, they didn’t have their own boat or cruise company and it’s frustrating.

I feel that maybe I should keep my notes and maybe I should take the time/effort to type up a blog about decisions on traveling to certain locations.  Why did I pick the company I picked?  What was the cost?  What was the cost differential between the different companies.  Who offers what?  It might make life easier.  Then again, I feel it’s the seasoned traveller who has this information but has not had the time to write it down and it’s all a part of the journey of being that seasoned traveller.  Or maybe not.

For now, as I fumble through my research, I think I should keep a notebook.  That way, it’s not notes that get thrown out.  It’s always available for a blog for a future date.  Hmmm.  I like the idea.

For those of you who are thinking the word “trip advisor”, well, sure.  I’m on it.  I look through it and I do get great reviews about sites to see and hotels.  I do feel trip advisor has become more commercial in the past few years.  It’s become more a site to book hotels than the journey of planning travel and the options for such travel.  Or maybe I’m old, and am not able to navigate what I’m looking for fluidly on that site?

Anyway, I have to run now.  Just thought I would throw my travel conundrum out there.  Best to you all,



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