Welcome to my first blog.  I must start off with an apology.  I’m new to this whole thing and hence the million or so “They Throw Rocks” all over the place.  Bear with me while I figure out titles and all that jazz.
So, let’s get started with the blog, shall we?  Why “They Throw Rocks” for the blog and what is my blog all about?  Well, what was Seinfeld all about?  A show about nothing?  OK, I won’t say my blogs are about nothing, and I’ll try not to digress into the philosophical mode about what really is something, alas, I have digressed.  Back on track.
“They Throw Rocks” is the title to a short story I wrote in 2000.  The story never got published and it went through several revisions and it became the title of a play that never got produced.  The play went through several revisions and to make a long story short, “They Throw Rocks” makes up two documents on my computer; one the short story version and the other a version written as a play.  And unfortunately that’s where it will stay.  It serves as a reminder to me about how we start off with something and try to make it perfect and it ends up to be something else in the process and the final product ends up like nothing you ever imagined it to be.  For me, it’s the journey of getting lost and getting found.  It’s a journey of life.
Through my blogs I will take you through tunnels of my mind that may seem crazy and digressive.  I plan to write about my travels, my hobbies, play reviews and whatever else I can think off.  The one thing I plan to not write about, again unfortunately, is my professional life.  This blog is personal and as much as my professional life is a part of me and my personality and thoughts, I have to stay away as much as I can, to protect all those concerned.  No, I do not work for the CIA or FBI, but just do not want rocks thrown at my blog that can affect my professional world.
With that said, fasten your seat belts.  This blog is going places I have not imagined before.  Oh Boy!  Is this going to be fun or what?
Best wishes to all,


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