Why superheroes rock our virtual reality (VR)

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Shahnaz Blog (Previously They Throw Rocks)

Take me away.
Far far away.
Away from this world
Of drudgery and boredom.
Away from this life
Of bills and adulthood.
To be something more.
To be special.
To be what I can be.
Just take me away.
Far far away.
Unfortunately, when it comes to life, over time, we end up wanting more.  We feel inadequate in our present day situations.  I remember a great line from the movie Pretty Women.  “I know about wanting more.  I invented the concept.”  I guess, wanting more is an age old phenomenon.  Men want more in their roles of a husband, a lover, a Bob the builder.  We all want to dream.  Men, perhaps, want to be strong both physically and emotionally, they want to be rich and powerful, and they want to be superior to the pack.  What do women want?  A man, like I just described.  And what a surprise!  He, that is, the superhero, does not exist.  Ahhh!  But we will have him one way or the other.  Through our imaginations.  And we keep making them better and better and we hone that concept until we find that “perfect” superhero, that’s both superhero and realistic.  We could be that!  Or in case of a woman, we could get that!
So, what is superhero?  Some common traits, are of course powers above what other humans have and hence superiority.  So we have our spidermans and supermans.  Not really rich but can do stuff the average person can’t.  The good guy factor is huge with Superman.  The women who want a guy who will take care of them and pay attention to them and be a good boy scout – well there you have it.  Superman, spiderman, Captain America.  And the men who want to be “special”, just close your eyes and imagine.  You could be that superhero in shining armor for your women, for your brief moments when you slip out of your world.
And then you get into Batman and Ironman.  Loaded.  I mean, with money!  Oh yes, we ladies know how loaded they are.  And there’s nothing more attractive to a lot of women, than money.  I hate to be so blunt about it.  But sometimes, some girls are attracted to guys and overlook things because of money and power.  Wasn’t that Christian Grey guy every woman’s dream or something?  Wasn’t he rich?
Oh I don’t mean to get off topic but Grey apparently was also broken.  I haven’t read the book “50 shades of Grey” but apparently women loved it that he was broken and women love to fix broken men.  I’m stretching here but broken could also imply dark pasts that men are dealing with and women can’t help themselves.  They want to help these poor miserable men cope.  Women want to rescue that man with internal struggles.  And welcome Batman!  Awww.  His parents were killed and it’s so sad.  I want to help him.  And he’s loaded. :-)
And about the broken part or the dark past, I guess, it’s very essential for the ideal superhero dream.  An ordinary man may think, “I have a dark past.  I’m not perfect.  My life has sucked” just like **insert name of your favorite superhero** and there you have it.  Batman with his deep dark secrets.  And what makes an agency like S.H.I.E.L.D so fascinating.  Well, characters like Nick Fury, “his secrets have secrets.”  Nick is not a superhero but he’s a character people can identify with.  Being the glue and bringing all the superheroes together.  Every angle of imaginative dream personalities are brought to life by our comic superstars.
Iron Man – loaded.  Ladies here’s another guy for you.  And the funny thing with Iron Man and Batman is that, both men are essentially unattached.  They have their “fling” but it delves into another wish of men.  Have your choice of women and get away with it too!  What about the women?  Well, we already talked about the “loaded” factor.  The next factor, is the “available” factor.  If they are not married, there’s always hope.  So, absolutely gives the VR for us, 5 stars.
And a wish for some of us – the wish to live forever.  Is there a superhero who does that?  Well, of course.  Thor.  He’s part god!  Wow.  Now there’s a superhero someone can sink their teeth into.
Every facet of a superhero is essentially an extension of our own egos, our own desires and wishes.  And as humans we are different and varied and so we have different and varied superheroes, so everyone can enjoy them just the same and everyone can dream and wish upon their star.  Their star superhero.
So, go out there and wish upon your star, or just play your BluRay.
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