I am taking a break from writing my play to write this blog post, but interesting thing with my blogger.  It’s all wompus!  The stats have gone psychotic.  In the past, it used to show a few reads (1-3) per day and today, it has all been deleted and shows almost 1000 reads for just today.  Yes, it’s gone nutsoes.  I have no stats anymore.  It is just as well because I was beginning to define myself by the stats.  If someone read it, then great.  I was doing well.  If someone didn’t read it, I was pathetic.  The thing is that blogger has these settings that I can’t see if anyone follows me or has signed up for my blog unless they do it through G+ and so I’ve pretty much had inaccurate stats.  I need to hit up on my nephew to help me figure out a way to get some decent stats on this page.  Or maybe I should stop this stat conversation and stop defining my worth by them.
The reason for this post.  No reason.  Just that I’m writing again.  I started this 10 minute play yesterday and I didn’t like it at all.  I just went through the motions, forcing myself to write.  Today, I went back to that play and suddenly, my characters came alive and it was a wonderful feeling.  The play is not done but it’s close.  So close.  I need to tie up some lose ends and it should be good to submit.  Usually, I would take it to the writer’s group for critique and people would tear it apart and I would let it get to me.  Maybe, I don’t have as thick a skin.  I’m not submitting for critique.  This is my work and as I’ve said before in my first post, take it or leave it.  A playwright/author has a right to his/her story.  I feel with critiques, people want to make it their story, but I’ve finally realized that it’s not their story.  If they want their story, they should write it themselves.  I sound a bit arrogant, clueless and defensive at the same time, but that’s me.  I’m just excited to get some of my juices flowing again.  I hope this will continue.
I think the long weekend and 5 days of silence has helped me immensely.  Of course, working on the HMS Victory is also helping.  Speaking of the ship, I haven’t forgotten.  I do have new pictures, but I will wait till I get more in detail.  I will say this.  I have finished the first part of the ship – the hull.  Now it’s time for rigging and sails.  I am beyond excited.
Another rant, but it’s getting words out.

Later all,


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